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Life and entertainment of Abu Dhabi

Being the royal capital and second most famous city of United Arab Emirates, Abu Dhabi stands as a stunning city icon in the map of the world. Taking a stroll on the streets of Abu Dhabi, one can meet different culture and traditions of this city. The combination of international charms and a strong attachment… Read More »

Show your Support and Help Raise Awareness

Syringomyelia (SM)(Sear-IN-Joe-My-E-Lee-Uh), or “SM“, is a chronic disorder of the spinal cord which consists of the formation of a syrinx (a pocket of cerebral-spinal fluid sometimes referred to as a cyst, hydromyelia, or syringohydromyelia) inside the spinal cord.  The syrinx may expand and elongate as it deteriorates the spinal cord from the inside out and… Read More »